UFC 198: Werdum vs. Miocic – Brazilian Legends Come Home

UFC 198 in Brazil features the heavyweight title fight between Fabricio Werdum and Stipe Miocic. The card is stacked with Brazilian fighters coming to their homeland, including Anderson Silva, Cris Cyborg, Vitor Belfort and more. Don’t miss it on May 14.
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15 Responses to “UFC 198: Werdum vs. Miocic – Brazilian Legends Come Home”

  1. Carlos Villalvazo ha detto:

    lol Brazilian fans dickriding saying this is better than 200 lmao in the words of schaub "NAAAHHHH" all these guys are old af 200 has guys in their prime and will probably get JBJ vs DC 2 now

    JBJ vs DC 2
    Aldo vs Edgar
    Tate vs Nunes
    Cain vs Browne
    …and I'm almost willing to bet they put Robbie Lawler on this card too maybe Lawler vs GSP or Condit 2 or Woodley …..either way Robbie is like 90% sure on this card

  2. Carlos Villalvazo ha detto:

    This shit is going to be PED central lol …Eh hopefully at least we get to see TRTor again

  3. urasun ha detto:

    Fantastic promotion ! Thanks !

  4. Fuck Her Right in the Pussy ha detto:

    Dad, plz no bak.

  5. Jackin Jaws ha detto:

    Brazils been looking bad this night is to proof how crappy they are now!

  6. SSShino ha detto:

    great fights. fucking brazilians man lol cant deny that country consistently produces top level fighters. cant wait for this card ??

  7. Danny Frank ha detto:

    One of the most stacked UFCs I have ever seen. So pumped

  8. Elias LIVE ha detto:

    Cyborg is my wife!!!

  9. DreAmDocTa ha detto:

    UFC 198 The Retirement Card

  10. oluwakamau ha detto:

    198>200 in many ways

  11. Laptibidibubam ha detto:

    TRT overload on this card

  12. Marco Vaz ha detto:

    poor shogun, i hope he gets the win .

  13. akasubzero ha detto:


  14. Van Boy ha detto:

    Best card of 2016 with LEGIT fighters

  15. Kadeem Starr (BigDaddyBean) ha detto:

    kind of weird seeing silva not main eventing